Polar Bear Express

Polar Bear Express


Ride the rails to the historic James Bay to reach into the past… to reach the edge of the Arctic.

Welcoming Residents and Visitors to the James Bay Coast

Ontario Northland's Polar Bear Express connects residents of the coastal communities of Moosonee and Moose Factory to Cochrane and is one of North America's last remaining "flag stop" train services.

As well, the Polar Bear Express offers visitors from around the world an opportunity to connect with Canadian history, Aboriginal culture and the landscape of the North.

This old-fashioned rail excursion travels 186 miles between Cochrane and Moosonee, including over the Moose River - through Ontario's most pristine and spectacular scenery. You are invited to sit back and enjoy the relaxing five hour train ride (each way) in one of our climate-controlled passenger cars.

We also encourage you to explore the train and to enjoy a meal on board, as we offer snack car service year round.

Dubbed by the "World's Greatest!..." television show as the "World's Greatest Rail Excursion!", this railway excursion will allow you and your family to get away from all of the hassles of modern living and spend time discovering the history of the people and the landscape of the North.

Hurry and reserve your seat today, call 1.800.268.9281!

Visit Ontario Northland's Polar Bear Express.